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Artical by: Mark Bilbrey WFN Ambassador

In our conversation, Bill told me of the work he is doing for the youth  in Celina Tennessee. Celina is a beautiful small town located in Clay  County at the heart of Dale Hollow Lake and the Cumberland River in  Middle Tennessee. Bill stated that he feels like the young people in the area need to be encouraged to take up hobbies and interest. As we all  know it is becoming more difficult for parents and educators to compete  with video games and other activities that fill the time of our youth. Bill conducted a rod building class with The Schools FFA instructor  Jason Coons, and Jim Mclarren the vice principle of the Celina High  School to help ready them to Introduce a program called, Batson  University, Rod Building 101 to the agriculture students. This unique  program offers teaches students the art and science of building custom  fishing rods while building valuable life skills and character along the way. With the help and support of Terry Campbell, Assistant Manager of  the Dale Hollow National Fish Hatchery, Tennessee Wildlife Resources  Officer Bill Moulton, and local fly fishing guide, casting instructor  and fly tier extraordinaire, and my friend Paw Boyce Bill thinks the  Celina High School is now ready to help the next generation of rod  builders and anglers begin a life time of rewards in the sport of  fishing. After talking with Bill, I was so interested in the program that I  called Batson Enterprises and was surprised that Karry Batson came to  the phone to answer my questions about the program. It was a pleasant  conversation and he was very helpful sharing information about the  program, the company and their products.


Terry Campbell aligns rod tip for his light weight spinning rod


Officer Moulton finds rod wrapping tasking at times

Bill Wilson teaching rod wrapping to Bill Moulton TWRA’s Clay countys Officer


Music City Fly Girls receive hand built  fly rod from Black Fox Rods (Bill Wilson) for “Casting For Recovery.

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