TWRA: In Clay County has established a fly casting class with the help of local fly fishermen. Photos:

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Group 2 Photo

Fly casting

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Learning at the waters edge

Casting in the Schools Information

Casting class
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Knot tying ( perfection knot )

Now the good news: From the beginning it was the hope that these classes were to be beginning of something new. Lets get the states youth out on the waters with a fly rod. .Developed from a course from Nebraska (  Fly Fishing Nebraska ) The TWRA will in the very near future start a similar coarse .I’ve been told the Game officer, Bill Moulton, has been assured from the presidents of the states TU Chapters, some of the fly rode companies and fly rode manufactures that any help needed would be given. I understand that the person who started the Nebraska program will be here to help train the TWRA regional safety officers who will in turn train other officers. Moneys have been promised.

Lets get out and help , Any new fly fisherman can only improve the states waters if only farm ponds. Check out the above link.

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